The Ocean County Freeholders are making it clear that until the resident's of Tent City drop their lawsuit, they can't speak on the matter. However Jackson Kiwanis Club president Larry Meegan feel's they should still participate in a coalition against homelessness comprised of local government and community leaders.

Meegan was at the November Freeholder Meeting and formally asked if the board had a response to the invitation he offered them during his presentation last month. The County and Freeholder attorney Jack Sahradnik said that unless Tent City supporters drop the suit, the board won't be able to speak about the topic.

Meegan feels that their response is unnecessary, he claims to have gotten a second opinion from other lawyers who feel the Freeholders would not face any legal jeopardy being part of the coalition.

"I spoke to other attorneys, and the other attorneys both said that what is discussed in a meeting such as that is not discoverable in a court case."

Sahradnik questioned the validity of those assertions when presented with them at the Freeholder meeting.

Though Meegan is disappointed by the Board's refusal to join the coalition, he says they will continue without them.

"With one group not participating, the rest will still be able to work together, and will find some solutions. However the input from the county will not be there and that's a shame, that's something we really want to have."

Meegan adds, "the reason we want to get together with this collaboration is to sit down and discuss some of those options. I mean we cannot do that without people participating, and if they don't participate I'm not sure what we're able to do."