November has arrived at the Jersey Shore and we know that means the possibility of snow in New Jersey has arrived.

Now November snowstorms are pretty rare, but they do happen. All you have to do is think back to the week after Sandy struck the Jersey Shore in 2012 to be reminded that November snow is a possibility.

We all remember that snow, but we thought it would be interesting to do a series on some November snowstorms throughout New Jersey's history that you might not remember. Our first focus - The Thanksgiving storm of 1989.

Let's set the historical stage. George H.W. Bush was President, and Thomas Kean was New Jersey's governor. And the Oakland A's had just beaten the San Francisco Giants to win the World Series.

Families all over New Jersey were gearing up for their annual Thanksgiving festivities and travel when on November 23rd, Thanksgiving Day, the Thanksgiving Storm of 1989 hit. Many parts of New Jersey were blanketed in a half foot of snow while areas north got it even worse, according to

Nearly 5 inches hit New York during the parade, and in Cape Cod they got over a foot of snow. All over the northeast, travel grinded to a halt on one of the busiest travel days of the year. and wind gusts only added to the misery.

Just to show how rare it is, this storm was New York's first Thanksgiving Day snow in over 50 years, according to

We'll look at other historic November New Jersey snowstorms throughout the month, and if you're worried about this November, keep up to date with Dan Zarrow's weather updates for the Jersey Shore.

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