A lot can happen between now and next November when we elect a President but one thing is obvious to me: I don’t like any of the options currently out there.

I will be totally honest in saying that if the election were being held today and the choices were President Trump or any of the Democratic challengers I would not vote.

I wanted to believe that as a non-insider our current Commander in Chief would shake things up. Ae has but not in the direction I had hoped.  His administration is a mess and I’ve tired of his childish use of Twitter to spew venom about anything and everything.  He has not united our county in any way but has divided it even further then before he took office.

As for the dozen or so Democrats still on the campaign trail, well none appeals to me.  I like many others feel that the one-time presumed heavy favorite, former Vice President Joe Biden is self-destructing.  His lead and his supporters are dropping and while not impossible it’s hard to imagine he turns things back around.

As for the surging Senator Elizabeth Warren and some of the others, well let’s just say their economic plans are frightening.  Actually the plan is to give everything for free which we all know is not the way it ends up.

So count me among many who see only one ray of hope to lead this nation.  The one person who I believe will do what he thinks is best, not because of his party affiliation or own self-interest but because his resume speaks volumes about a successful career as a businessman, leader and philanthropist.

Speaking of party, he’s a Democrat who also has been both a Republican and Independent during his lifetime.  Because you have to be affiliated with one of the two parties to have any chance he would run as a Democrat but would be an attractive alternative to the choices we now currently have.

Michael Bloomberg was a three-time mayor of New York, guiding the city after 9/11 and doing so in an impressive manner.  He was tough on crime and a fiscal conservative but supports programs that help those in need, saying “fiscal conservatives have hearts too…but we also insist on using our brains, and that means demanding results and holding government accountable for producing them.”

If ever we needed someone with a heart and a head it’s now.  Bloomberg is 77 years old and has rejected calls in the past for him to seek another political office but America needs him now.  He’s the one person I would enthusiastically cast my vote for.

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