This was a weekend we were warned about. In fact, I was planning to take my girls swimming but decided not to because the warnings really ramped up. The rip currents became deadly and rescue teams could not keep up.

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One man drowned and three people were hospitalized yesterday as local authorities responded to more than a dozen distress calls.

We were warned that the rip currents would be excessive and sadly, many still swam at unguarded beaches.

Tropical Storm Odette created a dangerous situation and many found themselves in over their head, literally.

There were so many calls for help that the Ocean County Sheriff's Office actually sent an alert for people to stay out of the water. The emergency alert instructed no swimming unless lifeguards are present.

(Photo courtesy of the NJ Sea Grant Consortium)
(Photo courtesy of the NJ Sea Grant Consortium)

Every time my family goes swimming, they know my number one rule is that we set up right in front of the life guards and that is the only place they are allowed to swim. I can't imagine swimming on a non-guarded beach!  Please consider swimming at beaches that are guarded the next time you want to cool off...

The Ocean Beach Fire Company sent out this alert...

Please stay out of the water!!!  All water rescue agencies on the barrier island are involved in multiple water rescues. The surf is extremely dangerous right now and lifeguards are off duty.

The demand for help was overwhelming, the Seaside Park Fire Company said it had responded to 10 calls from 11:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

It got to the point that other swimmers and surfers started helping out struggling swimmers in the absence of lifeguards.  In Brick Township, surfers tried to rescue a 54-year-old man but tragically, they were not successful.  Eventually, The Coast Guard got the victim out of the water.  He later died at the Ocean Medical Center.

In Toms River, a Freehold man and two Connecticut women were hospitalized after they were pulled from the water in Ortley Beach.  Our heartfelt sympathy to the victim lost this weekend.

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