Ocean County residents and visitors will have to wait until late June for a massive inflatable water park to be ready on Lake Barnegat in Lacey.

But the same thrill is available in other parts of the state right now, giving a new sparkle to lakes that weren't exactly overflowing with visitors every summer.

"Our visitation absolutely went up because of this," said Kristin Biase, director of parks and visitors services for Morris County, which is believed to be the first in the country to run a "wibit" after spotting the German-made product at a conference in 2009.

"I literally fell in love with it when I first saw it," Biase said.

Every so often, including this year, the county adds new pieces and obstacles to the floating playground at Lewis Morris County Park.

"We keep changing it up so it's never the same." Biase said. "Everybody loves this thing."

Adults, she added, have just as much fun using the product as their kids, if not more. Use of the water park requires an additional fee on top of a seasonal or daily membership, and a ticket is good for 30 minutes.

Memorial Day Weekend marked the start of summer No. 3 for the inflatable water park on Thomas Lake in Wayne. The lake, beach and wibit are all part of the membership or daily fee.

Tim Roetman, director of the township's parks and recreation, said there's been a 50% to 60% jump in daily attendance since launching the feature two summers ago. The 40-foot-by-60-foot park is visible from the road.

Every user is required to wear a lifejacket, Roetman said.

"Participants will fall off from time to time, and they'll just swim to the next corner and get themselves back up, or the lifeguard that's stationed out there will sometimes have to assist them and the pull them back on," he said.

There will be fees attached to the park in Lacey when it opens in summer.

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