Helping veterans, developing studies for Alzheimer's treatment, protecting our back bays and protecting victims of domestic violence were among the topics New Jersey Senator Chris Connors (9th-District) discussed on 'Ask The Senator' recently.

Helping our veterans is one of the most important services we can provide as Americans.

Connors believes increasing services for veterans is a necessity moving forward.

The Connors-Rumpf-Gove Veterans Housing Initiative Bill passed in January aims at providing more housing options for veterans struggling financially when they return home.


"It reserves a portion of the vouchers for the rental assistance program for veterans," said Connors. "Prior to the enactment of this law veterans were forced to go through a transitional housing program before they were eligible for the rental assistance."

Connors adds the changes in rental assistance regulations allow veterans to receive grants from those vouchers to find housing.

Dementia and its various forms including the most known, Alzheimer's, is a sad disease taking an emotional, physical and a financial toll on a number of New Jersey families and many more across the world.

Nearly five years ago, Connors was on board with a bill to help those families like his who've seen a loved one struggle with the disease, by helping The Alzheimer's Commission pass.

It's designed to study Alzheimer's in its various forms and effects it has on families, but to also help caretakers find the necessary resources and treatment options for someone battling the disease and how to better afford care.

"The government has to look at strategies for dealing with this in the future, as we talk about health care costs," said Connors.

He adds there comes a time where a home setting may no longer be the best place for a patient, especially as the disease advances.

"There's a need to make sure there is appropriate nursing home facilities and they have the resources to deal with it as well," said Connors.

He suggests funding additional studies to continue learning more about the disease and hopefully one day find a cure.

Superstorm Sandy's impact on the Jersey Shore continues to have varying effects across the oceanfront especially in regards to beach replenishment projects and protecting the back bays from future damage.

Connors is hopping on board Stafford Township Mayor John Spodofora's back bay flooding mitigation plan to help protect the shore naturally.

"Creating berms within Barnegat Bay by utilizing some of the materials that it may have in shallow areas of the bay," said Connors.

The damage in the back bay areas is largely due to the intensity of the water's condition at a given period of time, he adds, but by adding berms it'll set up a natural adhesive for future storm protection.

Domestic Violence incidents are seemingly seeing an increase across the United States in an alarming trend.

Connors dove into 'The Domestic Violence Assessment Bill' last week which screens offenders who've committed these heinous crimes before they leave prison so that they don't do it again.

"Time and time again we hear the tragic stories of an individual that either ignored a domestic violence restraining order or in fact they violated someone, they're incarcerated and then released," said Connors.

He says offenders will often return to attack their victim, and they can't be aloud to happen.

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