Technology: a blessing or a curse?

Depending on how you look at it, it could be viewed as both.

According to an article on our sister station's website,, self-driving cars could be coming to New Jersey.

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Even though there is no arrival year or month given, this is a discussion that I feel we should all be having now.

So my question to you is simple: Do you think self-driving cars are a good idea?

Like many things, I can see both sides but I know which side I stand on already.


1. Employees whose job it is to drive trucks and other shipments for hours on end could get a break while still making good distance in good time. But something else to think about: will this new invention take these people's jobs?

2. Could this help the whole drinking and driving issue? You may be in the driver's seat but it does not mean you are the one driving.


1. Despite our legislators saying safety is the number one priority, people can still get seriously hurt or even killed.

According to State Sen. Tom Kean Jr., rules will be put into place, “to make sure they are safe on our roadways, to make sure we are partnering with other states and understanding what they are doing, making sure that we have safety as our primary concern.” 

But whenever there is a new piece of technology, there are bound to be kinks in the road. However if an app is faulty, the worst that happens is people complain about it on Twitter. If a driving vehicle experiences a glitch, that could mean that people could get seriously injured or even killed. Is it really worth it?

2. This invention could take people's jobs. Why hire someone to drive a truck with materials and packages when a self-driving vehicle could do it on their own for free? Plus, is it a good idea to have these goods transported with no one there to watch them?

3. The roads in New Jersey are damaged, crowded and are filled with nonsense drivers. This is probably not the best type of environment to bring a self-driving car into because there is so little margin for error.

Personally....I don't know if the risk is worth the reward in this situation.

But what do you think?

Take a look at the original article discussing this topic at

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