First things first, Happy National Pet Day!

Any excuse to celebrate the fur babies is always a must, right? National Pet Day is always one of the best days to scroll through social media as it's always flooded with the most adorable photos of everyone's animals. Today's not the day you'll get depressed by anything you see as you scroll through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

What you'd never expect, though, is the savagery shared by the State of New Jersey on Facebook today. Two words: Sorry, Delaware.

In celebration of National Pet Day, the official State of New Jersey Facebook page shared a post featuring what they're referring to as the Garden State's pet. Check it out:

Judging by the comments, it seems like we're not the only ones cracking up over this. You can't really blame them, though. I mean, they're not wrong. Again, sorry Delaware, but it's, sort of, true.

How is Delaware NJ's pet? Well, not that it's supposed to be analyzed this thoroughly, however, let's do it for some giggles.

So, Delaware's the most famous for what? No, not Joe Biden. It's known for their basically non-existent taxes, right? The way I see it, I've never had a pet that paid taxes. Not to mention, Delaware is, quite literally, positioned right up NJ's bum. No, seriously. Look at the northern-most point of that state. New Jersey's tail sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean a bit further south than where Delaware actually starts. So, Delaware is basically NJ's pet BECAUSE it's literally right up our bums, just like our pets.

Case closed. Sorry Delaware, but we'll get you some treats.

Happy National Pet Day!

Source: Facebook

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