BORDENTOWN — A post from a restaurant owner in Burlington County has gone viral — saying a customer left an anti-immigrant note for a native-born, American server.

Cafe owner Santiago Orosco shared a photo of what he said is the back of a check from Under the Moon Cafe. He said a multi-lingual server waited on a couple last Thursday night, who “raved about the food, the décor and the service.”

Later that night, Orosco said, the server noticed that those customers had written a note on the back of their bill stating, “DON’T TIP IMMIGRANTS.”

Orosco said he can only assume that they heard the American, multi-lingual server speak Spanish to another employee. He called the situation 'blatant ignorance.'

In the 13 years that the cafe has been open in Bordentown, Orosco said, the message and lack of tip for the server were a "first."

Orosco said the bill for a dessert was paid in cash, with no tip, so there's no way to trace it back to figure out the customers' identities. He said he has nothing to say to those questioning the story or leaving "hateful comments" on the post.

The shared story has sparked a wave of response on social media, with hundreds of comments posted on the cafe's Facebook page, ranging from sympathetic to skeptical.

New Jersey 101.5's Bill Spadea also encouraged skepticism of unproven social media posts this morning, saying he couldn't know if the story was true, but that even if it was, the customer was "not necessarily a racist. And isn't the appropriate adult response to nasty people to ignore them and walk away?"


Server Dayna Morales, then 22, gained national attention in 2013 when she posted on a Facebook group that she'd received a receipt message from a customer at the Gallop Asian Bistro saying "I'm sorry but I cannot tip because I do not agree with your lifestyle and how you live your life" on a $93.55 bill. She ultimately left the Bridgewater restaurant amid accusations the post was a hoax, after her the customers came forward with credit card records that appeared to show an included tip, and both her employer and a charity that initially sought to help her investigated the situation. At least some donations to her in the aftermath of her post were returned.

Orosco said he knows he is not a liar, and said neither is the server. He said he doesn't feel he needs to respond to those pressing to see the front of the bill, as a way of validating the post. He also said the respectful and loving support from local community members and repeat customers gives him "hope" amid the situation.

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