There have been warnings and cautionary requests made for years to steer clear of the private property in Manchester Township in the Heritage Minerals/Asarco area due to the aforementioned reason as well as conditions that make it unsafe to swim or ride through.

The latest in a string over the years of accidents within the confines of Asarco occurred on Monday afternoon.

Manchester Police said that they responded around 2:48 pm for a single dirt bike crash involving a 22-year-old man and an orange 2019 KTM 250 dirt bike in a wooded area of a dirt trail.

Through their preliminary investigation police learned that Deivid Barbosa-Pereira of Newark was riding through Asarco when he lost control and struck a tree which caused him to be ejected from his dirt bike while riding in the wooded area.

He was found a short distance away.

Police said that Barbosa-Pereira -- who was wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time -- suffered extensive legs injuries and needed to be medevaced to Jersey Shore University Hospital for further treatment.

The investigation into the single dirt bike crash at Asarco on Monday afternoon continues but Manchester Police said that they believe unsafe operation of the dirt bike on private property is the contributing factor in the accident.

Manchester Police also add that they were joined at the scene by EMT’s from the Manchester Township Division of Emergency Medical Services, Fire Fighters from the Manchester Township Division of Emergency Medical Services, Whiting Volunteer Fire Department Fire Police, Ridgeway Volunteer Fire Department, Manchester Volunteer Fire Department, Paramedics from Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

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