So many people I know say the same thing when they are stressed out they "love to just drive". They all tell me that it is a major stress reliever to get in the car, find an open road and just go.  OK, I can endorse this unless you are driving down New Jersey's most haunted road.  It's not just folklore, Clinton Road in West Milford from Route 23 to Upper Greenwood Lake was deemed the most haunted road not just in Jersey, but in AMERICA. I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with its very dark history.  Scroll through for the terrifying details...some of which are not just ghost stories, but documented facts that will chill your bones...

Photo credit: Google Maps
Photo credit: Google Maps Clinton Road West Milford

So just to paint the picture, this road is a secluded 10-mile stretch of road with no signs of civilization.  I know that brings lots of people peace with the no traffic thing and all but being where no one can hear you scream has always been a no-no for me.  In addition to it being in the middle of nowhere, there are no places to get off if you change your mind. This Jersey girl likes an exit, strike two.  Of course like any good horror movie set up, this road is also pitch black with zero street lights, and even during the day, it is heavily shaded making it still feel dark.

The legends that have surrounded Clinton Road have had locals talking for over 100 years but those are the legends we also have facts and they are gruesome.  The legends claim that the road has been a spot for unexplained ghost sightings, witches, devil worship ceremonies, and a meeting place for Klansmen.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Photo credit: freestocks via unsplash

It's rumored that two brothers stumbled across a KKK meeting on the road, near Cross Castle. They saw things they were not meant to see and barely made it out alive.

Back in the '80s, Cross Castle on Clinton Road allegedly served as a meeting spot for Devil Worshipers too.  I want NO part of whatever rituals could have been held there.

I also read that there is a "ghost boy" who hangs by the bridge by Clinton Brook. They say that you can see his reflection in the water instead of your own if you stare into the water.  Legend also has it that if you throw coins into the water, the boy will throw them back at you. Now this one is not so bad.  In fact, I'll be happy to stare into the water until that ghost boy pays for my mortgage.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash
Photo credit:  freestocks via unsplash

There is also the legend of the two park rangers that were killed just off the road...people say they don't know they are dead and they are still patrolling the area.

Photo by Amit Talwar on Unsplash
Photo credit: Amit Talwar

This is literally the most chilling of all the buzz surrounding this road. This TRUE story will keep you up at night. This is the story of the Iceman. Back in 1983, a guy on a bicycle saw vultures around a tree. So he did what I would never do in a thousand years, he looked into it. You won't believe what he found...remember, this actually happened...he discovered a garbage bag with a human head in it!  The find led to the arrest of Mafia hitman Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski. I have chills for days...since this dark road is in dense woods and is filled with abandoned homes it is the perfect place for hiding what no one wants to find.  You can read more about this creepiness here.

Would you hike this road alone at night for 1 millllllllion dollars? Nope. I'm gooooood. Keep scrolling if you want to scare your pants off even more...

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