So, Halloween is here and lots of folks are seeking out the weird and unusual this time of year, but having a road right here in our state that is considered one of the most haunted in the world, yes the world, might be a little too scary for even the most adventurous among us. 

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There is a road called Clinton Road in West Milford has been named the nation's most scary road by sources, including, and just the description of the road is bone chilling.

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There are regular reports of ghosts, witches and creatures, among other activities, including satanic rituals.The road has hardly no buildings on it and is surrounded by mostly wooded areas.

And the website took it one step further, adding Clinton Road to its list of the 19 Most Haunted Roads on Earth.Do you know how many roads there are on the Earth. Me either, but I'm pretty sure I don't want to find myself on this one on a dark foggy night, or a bright sunny day for that matter.

And Weird NJ goes into some detail about the road's 'dead man's curve' and the story of the deceased young boy who returns tossed coins to you. I have three words for that. No. Thank. You.

Our Shannon Holly has more on this creep road here.

The good news is this road is about an hour away from us. The bad news is this road is only about an hour away from us.

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