In Jersey, we do a lot of sitting in traffic.  Some of that is due to the sheer volume of people we have in the tri-state, and the rest of that is due to traffic accidents.

A website called Money Geek did a study to determine New Jersey’s most dangerous roads and the info is pretty jarring.

They really did their research and looked at over 1,640 fatal crashes reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration from 2017 through 2019 and this is what they found.

Over 800 roads were looked at with factors such as environmental challenges, infrastructure, and drunk or distracted driving.

They looked county-by-county and found that Middlesex County had the highest number of fatal crashes but other counties like Camden and Ocean were not far behind...

Here are some stats...

Photo credit: Money Geek
Photo credit: Money Geek

Here are the top 10 deadliest roads in our state:

Route 30 from Marshall Avenue to Stratford Avenue, Stratford, Clementon, Lindenwold, and Berlin. 4.7 miles. 9 fatal crashes, with 12 deaths; 1.9 crashes per mile.

Interstate 95 from Exit 1 to Vince Lombardi Service Area, Ridgefield Park, Leonia, Teaneck, Englewood, Ridgefield, Fort Lee. 4.2 miles. 9 fatal crashes, 10 deaths. 2.1 crashes per mile.

Route 1 from Garden Street to Exit 57, Newark, Elizabeth. 4.1 miles. 9 fatal crashes, 9 deaths. 2.2 crashes per mile.

Route 27 from Seminary Avenue to Carolyn Terrace, Rahway, Roselle, Linden. 3.3 miles. 9 fatal crashes, 9 deaths. 2.7 crashes per mile.

Route 38 from Marginal Road to Chestnut Street, Cherry Hill, Pennsauken. 3.5 miles. 9 fatal crashes, 9 deaths. 2.6 crashes per mile.

Route 21 from Chester Avenue to Broad Street, Newark. 3.8 miles. 9 fatal crashes, 9 deaths. 2.4 crashes per mile.

Interstate 80 from Exit 28 to Exit 19, Mount Olive. 4.8 miles. 8 fatal crashes, 10 deaths. 1.7 crashes per mile.

Route 322 from Village Parkway to Walnut Street, Gloucester County. 4.0 miles. 8 fatal crashes, 10 deaths. 2.0 crashes per mile.

Route 42 from Leddon Lane to Exit 8, Gloucester and Camden counties. 4.8 miles. 8 fatal crashes, 9 deaths. 1.7 crashes per mile.

Route 440 from Bennett Street to Hook Road, Jersey City, and Bayonne. 4.1 miles. 8 fatal crashes, 9 deaths. 1.9 crashes per mile.

As it turns out the deadliest road is in Camden County.  12 people died in nine crashes on Route 30.

Please be careful out there!  Read more about it here.

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