If you want to visit the cutest diner in New Jersey, you'll have to head to Collingswood. At least that's what a recent article says.

According to Cosmopolitan, the cutest diner in New Jersey is called The Pop Shop in Collingswood, and there's no doubt the place is cute, and certainly deserves the honor, but as always, I just want to make sure that Jersey Shore establishments are getting the credit they deserve as well.

So, first of all, congrats to The Pop Shop for the honor. Now let's give the residents of the Jersey Shore the chance to let us know which diner in our area is the cutest. Think of all the places in Monmouth and Ocean Counties is the cutest and let us know in the Comment section.

There are so many amazing choices and we pay tribute to all our local diners for making our lives better. Diners are a key part of New Jersey and we love them all! Thanks for letting us know which you think is the cutest in our area!

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