When the lights go down in the city -- Steve Perry can tell you the rest.

In the City of Asbury Park though, some lights have gone down in the city over the last couple of years but it likely won't be for much longer thanks to a pending bond ordinance scheduled to be passed at the next committee meeting on December 21.

Asbury Park Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn said that they've faced the challenge of getting parts due to the pandemic to fix this issue.

"Lighting has been a problem for us," Quinn said. "We are replacing a number of lights and light poles. That is something that we are going to try to work on quickly."


The bond ordinance would allow the governing body in Asbury Park to appropriate $1,641,000 and authorize issuing $1,562,855 in bonds or notes of the city to finance these lights and light poles as well as other projects.

Bicyclist in critical condition after collision with car in Asbury Park
(Photo: Bud McCormick)

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If it succeeds in final passing next week, funds would also be allocated to various capital improvements including for the Department of Public Works, a chiller for the municipal building, city-wide information technology and security improvements, firearms and equipment and non-passenger vehicles for the Asbury Park Police Department.

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