A lot of people say you can judge someone’s personality by how they are around babies and how babies are around them. And we all melt when we see adorable kids. You see it all the time here at the Jersey Shore. The whole state is a child friendly place, right? Well, here comes a study, you know the ones that the Garden State often does poorly in, that ranks each state on child friendliness. So, how did we do?

Garrett Jackson, Unsplash
Garrett Jackson, Unsplash

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Well, it turns out child friendliness was a category in an even bigger study conducted by WalletHub, which compiled the rankings for the best state to have a baby, and it turns out that New Jersey doesn’t do half bad. Overall, we are ranked as the 13th best state in America for having kids, which is quite an accomplishment considering how expensive everything is here.

And one of the reasons we ranked so highly was the sub category of child friendliness.
It turns out that the Garden State comes in as 2021’s 7th best state in the category, and that really is something that should fill us with pride.

Overall family friendliness was another sub category and we ranked 7th there as well. Pretty strong stuff for us.

Jonathan Borba, Unsplash
Jonathan Borba, Unsplash

And we would have ranked even higher overall if it wasn’t for the dismal results we got in another sub category. Yes, you guessed it...cost of having a baby. In that area we are the second worst state in the nation. Ouch. It hurts but it doesn’t really surprise us anymore.

But overall, if you chose New Jersey as the state to have your baby in, it turns out you picked one of the best states in the nation. Good for you. And good for all of us!

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