I know that's quite a statement. A little pompous? Perhaps. But that's the Jersey attitude that makes us who we are.

Has anyone ever asked you why you like living in Jersey?

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Bookmark this so the next time that happens, you can just forward this to that person.

This time we're putting our focus on the Jersey Shore.

The Shore has its own lifestyle, vibe, and way of life. Living at the Shore, I wouldn't have it any other way.

After putting this together, I thought to myself, "man, I really take living here for granted."

How exactly do you portray how the Jersey Shore is better than every other Shore on the planet?

I thought a good start would be to highlight this region of the Garden State from A to Z.

New Jersey is Better Than Every Other State from A to Z: Jersey Shore Edition

I must admit, NJ property taxes are not the best. How did you make out?

2021 NJ property taxes: See how your town compares

Find your municipality in this alphabetical list to see how its average property tax bill for 2021 compares to others. You can also see how much the average bill changed from 2020. For an interactive map version, click here. And for the full analysis by New Jersey 101.5, read this story.

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