All hands (and paws) are on deck to help with the heart-wrenching Surfside, Florida building collapse search. John Hunt and his New Jersey team from Crisis Response Canines are there to provide emotional support for first responders.

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As you can only imagine, working through the ruble to retrieve someone’s loved one is taking way more than just a physical toll, of course it's mentally and emotionally depleting. That’s where these emotional support dogs come in.

Three dogs from New Jersey have been deployed with three more on the way.

Photo credit: Crisis Response Canines Facebook
Photo credit: Crisis Response Canines Facebook

There are families still waiting for answers and as they do, they will have some compassionate support from this New Jersey emotional support animal group.

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The group is currently stationed at the reunification site, interacting with families.

Just spending 15 minutes with a support animal can lower blood pressure and elevate oxytocin and dopamine.  Read more about the deployment here.  Studies show that dogs reduce stress, anxiety and depression. We all pray for peace for the families involved.

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