Golden Tate was signed to be the New York Giants' start wide receiver right after Odell Beckham Jr was traded, and now Tate has his first New Jersey story to tell.

It turns out, no matter how talented you are, or how big your latest contract is, you still get to the Garden State and can't believe that you can not pump your own gas. Welcome to New Jersey, Golden.

It turns out, according to an article at that Tate went to get gas and turned to Twitter, wondering, "Wait... is it a thing for the attendants to pumped your gas in Jersey"?

Fellow players calmed his nerves in much the way New Jersey residents have done for new neighbors or visitors for what seems like an eternity. We never give it a second thought, but it always shocks someone new to the area.

Just as a public service to Golden Tate, here are a few other things his friends should go over with him in some detail...


Right on red

No left turns

Summer Fridays on the Parkway

Socks on the beach

We wish Golden Tate, and all the people who are experiencing some of the idiosyncrasies of New Jersey for the first time well. You'll get used to it eventually. We all did.

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