So this past weekend as April and I drove around Ocean County, we spotted two construction projects in Tuckerton and now that these two caught my eye, I need to know "What's Going On in Tuckerton?"


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Shawn Michaels


This is a two-part question, the first is a rumor I had heard that this construction (pictured above) on Route 9 near Marine Street, is the site of a future Dunkin Donuts? Is Dunkin Donuts moving from Downtown to this new location? or is this simply a rumor with no truth to it? What have YOU heard, can anyone shed some light on this project, if it's NOT a new Dunkin Donuts then what? OR what would YOU like to see at this location in Tuckerton along Route 9?


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The second part of the question is the former site of 7-11 along Route 9 (pictured below) it seems that a new parking lot was laid, do we have any idea what this site might become? or was the cosmetic work on the parking lot done to make it more attractive to a future buyer? Do YOU have any idea what's happening at this location? Nothing has gone in since 7-11 closed earlier this year.

If YOU have any info on either project in Tuckerton, post your comments below and we look forward to seeing what the word is on the street. Hopefully both locations will be successful businesses as we head into summer here at the Jersey Shore



Shawn Michaels


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