When you were a kid, nothing was sweeter than some time off during the Summer. But sadly, as an adult, we're not given that opportunity unless you're able to get time off from work, or you're a teacher.

Summer Paid Time Off for all employees? How does this work?

This really cool story from Billy Penn.com talks about some bars in Philly (Standard Tap, Johnny Brenda's, and The International) that are actually closing for a week to give their employees a small paid Summer break.

Why are they giving them Summer PTO?

Billy Penn.com shared that it's an effort to give employees time off after a crazy past year and a half (that especially affected the restaurant industry.

Should Ocean County Businesses follow this?

I think it'd be a great idea for Ocean County businesses to close and give their employees a week off, if it's something they can afford, of course. As the article stated, this has really been a trying time for many people. This would be really nice for the service industry because oftentimes there people can't just request weeks off. They have to go through the trouble of making sure their shifts are covered. It would be harder to implement in actual shore towns that are summer destinations, but I still think I could go one week without my favorite bar, shop, or restaurant, if that meant hard-working employees were getting the R&R they deserve.

Do you think Ocean County Businesses should close to give their employees Summer PTO?

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