Where my divas at?  Ladies, I got something for ya here. Today is National Men Make Dinner Day!  I’m recommending you text your man now and tell him to stop at the food store on the way home so he can whip you up something reeeel nice.

Of course the last Thursday of November is always Thanksgiving on the calendar, but did you know that on the first Thursday in November it is always Men Make Dinner Day? I've known this for a while and I've never let it slip by my household either. Here is some photos of my husband's attempts.

Does your man have a go-to dish that he makes? My husband, Tony works a lot but once in a while eggplant parm finds it’s way on my plate and that is a homerun…

Shannon's husband cooking eggplant with their daughter, Fia Photo credit: Shannon Holly


There’s also a side to him that tries to take an otherwise delicious meal and make it healthy which doesn’t go over as well…

Spaghetti squash bowls
Shannon's husband Tony making a less popular spaghetti squash bowl Photo credit: Shannon Holly

That was his version of a low carb spaghetti squash bowl.  As you can see, Tony was pretty pleased with himself. It actually wasn’t that bad to me, but the rest of the room begged to differ.

Shannon's daughter, Bella not too sure about the meal
Shannon's daughter, Fia was very sure about her stance on the dish Photo credit: Shannon Holly

What do you want your man to make you?  By the way, don’t let him take you out to dinner either, it’s all about him getting in the kitchen and laboring away to show his love. Your welcome 😊

There is an official hashtag for the occasion too…you may want to document this one! #MenMakeDinnerDay
In case he needs some help here are some 3 ingredient recipees:

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