Were you able to Name The Ocean County Town in our latest installment? It's time to reveal the correct answer.

Before we reveal the correct response, let's review the clues we gave you so you can give it a try if you missed it the first time around.

The biggest clue is that this town is celebrating it's 175th birthday his year, when on February 29th of 1844, this town separated from Upper Freehold to become it's own town.

At the beginning, this town was considered part of Monmouth County, because Ocean County didn't exist until 1850.

Agriculture was the main industry for this town prior to 1955. Commercial growing of cranberries were a big industry as well heading into the twentieth century.

I thought these were some good clues but didn't make the question an easy one. I did have another clue in mind, but I thought it would make the whole thing too easy. But since we're about to reveal the answer anyway, let me add that clue just for fun.

This town was named after a U.S. President.

Now that one really narrows it down. I'm figuring if you don't know it yet, you may not get this one, so let's reveal the correct answer. If you said Jackson, you got it! You can check out some awesome historical info for the town here.

So a big shout out to all of our friends in Jackson. Thanks for listening!

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