It's time to break out the books, laptops and thinking caps. We're going to Ocean County history class.

Let's find out if you can name an Ocean County town with just a few clues we dug out of the history books. These clues are pretty easy, especially if you look it up, so please don't do that or we'll have to throw you out of class.

Let's get to the clues...

The biggest clue is that this town is celebrating it's 175th birthday his year, when on February 29th of 1844, this town separated from Upper Freehold to become it's own town.

At the beginning, this town was considered part of Monmouth County, because Ocean County didn't exist until 1850.

Agriculture was the main industry for this town prior to 1955. Commercial growing of cranberries were a big industry as well heading into the twentieth century.

There you have it. The clues that should lead you to the correct answer. It's one of the towns that has the odd distinction of having been a Monmouth & Ocean County town at different times in it's history.

Do you know what it is? Give it your best try and we'll reveal the answer soon. Good luck!

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