Today’s segment is very personal as I talk about: my office.

As I’m sure some of you know our offices and studios (often referred to as Townsquare Tower) are located in downtown Toms River in a four-story building on Robbins Street.

When we first moved here about five years ago I had a spacious office located on the second floor near the reception area.  The office was so large I was able to display pictures, plaques, posters and memorabilia I had obtained over many years.  I had a large flat-screen TV and was very happy.

Well for reasons that were valid I was “forced” to give up that office and moved to the third floor a couple of years ago and had to downsize into a less than 12 by 11 foot space. Much smaller than what I had.  I was able to negotiate a smaller flat-screen TV, picked up a mini refrigerator and quickly found myself very comfortable.

This new office was in a more remote area of the building and it was easier to come and go without others knowing when I was in. In other words I could “hide” a bit as my original office was in the middle of everything.

Hometown View
(Kevin Williams, Townsquare Media NJ)

When you spend as much time at work as I do your office is more than just a space that occupies what you need for work. It’s a reflection of the person you are. About two weeks ago I had to basically empty it because we were getting our building (and offices) painted and I used this as an opportunity to change things up.

Stuff--.i.e. junk --was tossed and when the painting was complete I moved pictures around to give things a very different look and one I like very much. By the way each office now has an accent wall painted in a color that is part of the Townsquare logo and I went with a very bright and some might say shocking green which I really like.

This is my home away from home and hopefully it will stay that way for a while.

On an unrelated note my friends from Carl’s Fencing, Decking & Home Improvements invited me to their Halloween lunch yesterday during which I picked the winners of their office costume contest.  It was a wide-open competition but in the end Bill Rankin as a Taco and Jill Marino as Edward Scissorhands were my choices.

I was surprised nobody dressed up as a fence.


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