So last week I talked about some of my pet peeves and at the end wrote “to be continued because I have many more.”  With that said her are ten more things that probably bother me more than they should.  These do not including pet peeves while driving because I have addressed that earlier.  While most of these are due to the behavior of others there are some that fall right on you like:

  • You get out of the shower in the morning and realize you left the towel on the other side of the bathroom. Nobody to blame but yourself.
  • Losing your place in the book you are reading.
  • Trying to pick something up that dropped which for some reason refuses to come off the ground.
  • Being asked on the computer to take in captcha letters/words for security reasons which you can’t make out and then getting a message you are wrong and having to do it again…and again and again. (see picture)
  • Here’s one that really gets to me. Yielding for pedestrians who not only take their time while crossing the road but are engaged in phone conversations.  (I know I said none of them had anything to do with driving but this one really ticks me off).
  • People who get to the drive-thru window and examine the menu like they are at a fine dining restaurant. Shouldn’t you have an idea before it’s your turn, especially when there’s a line of cars behind you?
  • An empty paper towel dispenser in a public bathroom.
  • People having loud conversations on their cell phone in a restaurant or other public place.
  • Somebody telling you the end of a movie or show which you recorded and were planning to watch later.
  • People who try to get into an elevator or train before letting everyone off first.

Bonus pet peeve:  People who make lists about little things that bother them.             Get a life!

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