Well Lou called it! He said this was an April Fool's prank for sure and he was totally right. Our favorite Giant, Superbowl Champ and Good Morning America host Michael Strahan got us good on April Fools Day! I told you yesterday during Celebrity Tea that Michael closed his signature gap in his front teeth. He shared his dental journey on social media and it was really believable when he said he just decided to do this for himself.  Clearly, he is an actor on top of everything else he's mastered. Is there anything he can't do?  Everyone was weighing in as this thing went viral.  The overwhelming majority of people were telling him to not make the change and that they loved his sweet smile just the way it was.

After he got the temporary fix I thought he looked like a young Denzel Washington! Both are good looks and he really sold it. He said the was so happy with the outcome as he flashed his smile to people on the street and social media. With all the mask wearing he was able to make an even bigger big reveal of his prank.  We love him how ever we get him right?


Some other famous celebs that rock or have rocked the gap tooth smile include:


Brenda Chase, Getty Images

Elijah Wood

Chris Martin

2014 iHeartRadio Music Festival - Night 1 - Show
Getty Images for Clear Channel

Zac Efron

Woody Harrelson

Elton John

Kerry Marshall, Getty Images

Robin Williams

Lauren Hutton

Eddie Murphy
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