Everyone knows Jersey Moms love their children; especially their furry ones.

One of the best New Jersey-themed accounts on TikTok is @hashtagkarenag2.  She perfectly nails her character of "The Jersey Mom."

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Who could forget her hysterical portrayal of a New Jersey Mom at the beach, where she was trying to enjoy herself and wrangle her kid on a hot summer day.  Or her video of a Jersey Mom during the snowy winter.  Sometimes, you just need to laugh at our big NJ personalities, and Karena's videos make you do just that.

In this video, she's wrangling another kid.  But this one has 4 legs and fur!  It's her dog, of course!

Doesn't it feel like dogs are the children who can get away with anything?  No matter how much they act out, or wreck the house, we can't help but forgive them in two seconds.  And who could blame us, they're just so dang cute!

Once again, Karena perfectly nails the mannerisms of a Jersey Mom, and this time she's at the vet.   The Jersey Mom tells her dog to knock it off in one second but immediately coddles him because he "doesn't feel nice" the next.  It's so relatable.

I guarantee once you watch this hilarious video, you'll be sending it to all of your fellow New Jersey dog mom friends!

And in case you were wondering who the little star of the video is, according to Karena's comments, his name is Chandler!  How adorable.

@hashtagkarenag2 Jersey Mom loves her dog baby as much as she loves her own kids. Maybe more 😅 #dogsoftiktok#dog#jerseymom#nj#newjersey#doglover#puppy#husky#siberianhusky#momsoftiktok#dogmom♬ original sound - Hashtag Karenag


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