We gave you some great quotes from some of New Jersey's biggest celebrities. Were you able to connect them?

Some of the quotes were easier to identify than others, but no matter how you attacked this, there were only four quotes, so it shouldn't have been that hard to get to the bottom of.

Let's recap the clues and the stars list and give you one final shot to do it on your own. Here they are one more time.

Here are the quotes...

"You win, you win. You lose, you still win".

"I climbed like a billion stairs...it's not like I can take them two at a time".

"You only lie to two people in your life, your girlfriend and the police".

"I can't stand most things that I see".

Here are the stars...

Meryl Streep

Joe Pesci

Danny DeVito

Jack Nicholson

And now the answer key to make sure you got them right...

"You win, you win"...Joe Pesci

"I climbed like a billion stairs..."...Danny DeVito

"You only lie to two people in your life"...Jack Nicholson

"I can't stand most things that I see"...Meryl Streep

Congrats if you got them right, and you can see more great celebrity quotes at Brainy Quote and AZ Quotes.

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