A little of this and a little of that as we start another week with as usual more questions than answers:

  • Like I’m sure most of you I have accepted that masks or some type of face covering must be worn when we enter stores and other places. However besides being somewhat uncomfortable it’s rather difficult at times to recognize others.  I had two people address me by name at ShopRite over the weekend and had no idea who they were.
  • By the way I don’t quite understand why some wear masks while driving by themselves in a vehicle. Maybe it’s just to get used to wearing them but I can’t wait to take mine off.
  • Like I’m sure it has with many of you the stay-at-home order has limited opportunities to visit with family members. Sunday we met up with our son, daughter-in-law and 10 month-old grandson and did so with social distancing in mind.  They live in Hoboken and basically needed to get out of their apartment so we met in Manasquan, ordered food from a local pizza place and basically tailgated for an hour in a parking lot.  No hugs but enough smiles to last a while.
  • There is so little sports news of any substance that it’s no surprise that many fans are talking about the ESPN documentary series “The Last Dance” which debuted with its first two of ten episodes Sunday night. The series chronicles Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls during their sixth and final championship season.  I recorded it and will watch when I get home today but the reviews have been very good.
  • Of course there will be sports to talk about later this week with the NFL Draft set to open virtually on Thursday night.
  • There was good news for some boat owners in New Jersey over the weekend with the announcement that marinas, boatyards and marine manufacturers will be allowed to reopen for personal use. This does not include charter boats or any boat rentals and strict social distancing and sanitization protocols must be followed.  New Jersey joined New York and Connecticut in the announcement.
  • The next reopening here in our state should be golf courses which can be done in a safe manner with proper guidelines.


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