Computers have become such a common part of life and  of the workplace that it's hard to imagine going a day without using one.  However, when Marianne walked into her studio this morning she faced the cold, hard reality that today would be such a day. 

You don't always realize how much you use something until it's gone.  It's been many years since she did not have the world wide web at her fingertips and now that it's gone, it's very difficult to get through a morning without one.

No more Facebook.  No more email.  No more researching random topics that come up during the morning.  It's like she's living in the stone age (or at least 1995).  Somehow she will get through the morning this way and her computer will likely be fixed when she returns Monday morning.  Until then though, it's kind of like stepping into a time machine.

Have you ever had to go a day or longer without your computer?

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