Tragedy struck the Pine Barrens when a wildfire broke out that ripped through thousands of acres in South Jersey. As of only a few short minutes ago, various outlets have reported that this wildfire along the Mullica River in Wharton State Forest is the Garden State's largest wildfire in almost two decades.

Just scroll through social media and you'll see a whole bunch of photos and videos that people have shared who live in close proximity to the fire. Almost too close for comfort, in fact. A lot of the posts on various platforms have shown the fire almost right in some people's backyards.

As a result, many residents have evacuated for safety reasons.

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What happens to the residents with farms, though? What happens to their animals? That question was one that at least has one answer thanks to a local ranch in Atlantic County that put forth quite an offer to those who have animals with nowhere to go.

Redtail Tree Service and Ranch based in Milmay shared a post to a local Facebook group letting evacuees know that if they're looking for somewhere safe for their animals, their ranch is available. They even took it a step further and said that animals displaced from the fires are welcome to lodge on their land for free.

No doubt, this is a relief for the many residents that have chosen to get out of dodge so they're out of harm's way while they let the professionals deal with the fire.

If you know anyone with displaced animals due to the Wharton State Forest fire, you can refer them to this post below:

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2022 Wharton State Forest Fire

Arial photos of the 2022 Wharton State Forest Fire.

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