Take yourself out to the ball game - and get paid for it! The Lakewood Blueclaws hope to welcome new seasonal hired hands at their preseason Job Fair, Saturday, February 4 at First Energy Park in Lakewood.

Job Fair 2017, First Energy Park (courtesy Lakewood Blueclaws)
Job Fair 2017, First Energy Park (courtesy Lakewood Blueclaws)

Basic qualifications for the part-time spots are simple - if you're super-friendly and you enjoy mixing with people, that's the first big step.

"Our game-day staffers interact with our fans more than folks in the front office," said Events and Operations Manager Kayla Reilly. They leave the first, and biggest, impression on ballpark visitors. "It's good to have a smile on your face," she quipped.

Kayla said that there are about 50 to 75 open spots. And, she added, there's a good reason why there aren't more openings.

"That's only because most of our part-time staff comes back, year after year," she said. "Everyone enjoys working here. They don't want to leave."

The team seeks ushers, parking attendants, security guards, merchandise, food and beverage handlers, concession workers, back-of-house staff, runners, stationary and mobile vendors, bat boys, Kids' Zone staffers, ticket takers, production and promotion staffers.

Successful applicants will be assigned to Blueclaws home games from April through September, and will also have a chance to work special events, such as wine festivals and Little League contests.

A BlueClaws game at FirstEnergy Park in Lakewood
A BlueClaws game at FirstEnergy Park in Lakewood (Lakewood BlueClaws)

Employees should plan on being available for "80 to 90 percent" of the 70 home games, Kayla said, adding that the age range is about as wide as it can possibly be.

"You can be 15 to be a bat boy," she explained, "and last year, one of our ushers was 90, walking those stairs and looking at those tickets."

If you are still in school, and this is your first crack at the job market, Kayla says that your school record can be a valuable tool to enhance your chances.

"It's always good to find someone who's willing to balance sports, school and a job," she said.

So, can it lead anywhere...to a full-time position, perhaps? Kayla said that you can never rule it out, and she's living proof.

"I came to this job fair when I was 16, and had no previous job experience," she laughed. "My mom dropped me off and told me, 'You're gonna get a job today.' I ended up leaving the fair with a job, and here I am, almost 11 years later," and by all accounts, a practically-indispensible part of the team.

Part-time, seasonal positions start in the minimum-wage range, $8.44 per hour. Doors open at 8 AM, and the fair continues until 2 PM. Can't reach the park in time? Download an application and interested positions form through this portal, which takes you straight to the Blueclaws' site, and drop it off or e-mail it to Kayla.

Now, go knock one outta the park!

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