An ambulance driver in Lakewood has been given a motor vehicle summons by township police after swerving onto a sidewalk Monday and knocking over a pedestrian, Lakewood Police Sargent Nathaniel Montgomery tells WOBM News.

The Lakewood Police Traffic Safety Unity is investigating the incident which was caught on dash-cam video provided to The Lakewood Scoop.

The video shows the ambulance, which Sgt. Montgomery tells WOBM News belongs to GEM Ambulance, picking up speed and then trying to drive around a car in front of them but ends up swerving off the road and jumps the curb, hitting the crossing guard directly on the sidewalk.

The victim who was identified as Andrew Howard, a crossing guard, is recovering from his injuries.

Lakewood EMS Chief Crystal Van de Zilver told NJ Advance Media on Tuesday that the guard was struck by a “private service” ambulance on Route 9 at the intersection with Oak Road.

Van de Zilver said Lakewood EMS responded to the crash to treat the man.

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