Two Ocean County residents have been arrested for shoplifting at the Walmart in Stafford Township.

Police said that it was their Drug Enforcement Unit who placed 30-year-old Brittany Koppenian of Lacey Township and 36-year-old Ryan Powell of Seaside Heights in custody after the pair was spotted shoplifting several electronic items from Walmart on Friday afternoon by hiding them in bags. 


Koppenian and Powell made it through the store and check out counter and while in the parking lot, they were arrested and had additional charges added on when police found them in possession of CDS/Heroin.

In addition to that, Stafford Police said Koppenian and Powell also had warrants out for their arrests from the Ocean County Sheriff's Department, and the Berkeley Township & Seaside Heights Municipal Courts.

Ocean County Jail Cell, O-C DOC Web Site
Ocean County Jail Cell, O-C DOC Web Site

Koppenian and Powell were charged with shoplifting and possession of CDS, police said, and then brought to the Ocean County Jail in lieu of their outstanding warrants pending future appearances in multiple jurisdictions.

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