Labor Day weekend isn't just the unofficial end of summer. It also marks the very beginning stages of when a Benny slowly loses their appeal for the Jersey Shore.

Now, it's not only Benny's who begin to change. Us here at the Shore also go through some changes. As the leaves begin to change, so does our temperament.

For us in NJ, we get a sense of calm. Our blood pressure drops with the lack of traffic, and we prepare for the weeks to come, known as local summer.

I suppose we could call all these changes the metamorphosis of the Jersey Shore. But Benny's have a more interesting change, and it's one that I admire.

With that said, let's dive into the metamorphosis of when a Benny, becomes a Leafer.

Long Beach Township on LBI (Long Beach Township Beach Patrol, LBI New Jersey)

LABOR DAY: One final look before the trip back home.


EARLY SEPTEMBER: Time in the sun is over


Time to head back to the place they call home.


For a few weeks, they adjust back to normal life.

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LATE SEPTEMBER: More flannel starts to appear.

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The leaves start to change... it's time to head to New England.


LATE OCTOBER: As peak color drifts slowly southward, the Leafer's (formerly Benny's) start to migrate closer to home.

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash

MID NOVEMBER: By this point, the leaves are mostly gone, and it's time for life as a Leafer to come to a close.

Stephanie Gelman

Just like a butterfly, it spends most of it's time as a caterpillar. So think of the Benny stage at the Shore as a caterpillar, the brief time home as being in a cocoon, and a Leafer in New England as a full grown butterfly .

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As much as we don't want to show it, we will miss having the Benny's here at the Shore. It's a love-hate relationship, but only one that Benny's and Jersey Shore natives would understand.

So as the Summer season fades off into the sunset, we wish our friends to the north good luck, and hope you enjoy the coming days with the autumn foliage.

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