In their early days, Kiss would wear masks while traveling through airports to keep their identities a secret. In 2020, they're doing it for safety.

With the band in Dubai preparing for their live Kiss 2020 Goodbye pay-per-view concert on New Year's Eve, they put out a video showing their flight from Los Angeles to the United Arab Emirates on Twitter. All four members are wearing masks, as are all of the employees of the airline. In a separate tweet, Paul Stanley described the measures taken to avoid spreading the coronavirus.

"FYI...Everyone's safety is our priority," he wrote. "The band & 3 crew tested repeatedly during rehearsals. Room locked off, cleaned daily. We boarded plane separately. @Emirates has hospital level air filtration. Wore masks on flight. Tested neg. to enter Dubai. Will continue masking."

On Christmas Eve, Stanley, who's been an advocate for self-quarantining and mask-wearing throughout the pandemic, lashed out at those who feel that such actions are an infringement on civil liberties. "Frankly, I’ve had enough of the self-serving & politically motivated mask misinformation & BS about this pandemic," he said. "I don’t want to hear about 'my freedom' & 'my rights' that then infringe on so many other’s. Those 'rights' & choosing to gather at Thanksgiving got us here. Wake up."

One fan took exception to their accommodations, writing, "First Class: The power of money." Stanley responded with, "Reminder-When we don't acknowledge the difficult path to success we trivialize its reward. Hard work, tenacity, getting up when you fall, facing adversity, going against those who would rather you fail, the isolation of commitment. The list is endless & the reward well deserved."

The Kiss 2020 Goodbye concert will feature the band performing on a 250-foot stage and a production that show director Dan Catullo said cost more than $10 million. This includes more than $1 million for pyrotechnics and $750,000 to ensure COVID compliance for 400 workers. This involves 6,000 tests and wristbands that monitor the crew's movement.

Kiss have tweeted out photos of the stage, and Stanley posted one of him playing a new signature model guitar. Check them out below.

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