For some reason which I frankly don’t really understand some--actually many -- of my co-workers call me a “grouch” or “grump” which is really not fair.

A grouch is someone who complains constantly and a grump is sort of the same but more a person who is often angry.  I don’t think those descriptions describe me around the office although it’s fair to say I am one who feels the glass is always “half empty.”

My latest diatribe (most of my co-workers will not know what that means) has to do with Halloween which many have embraced as October’s version of Christmas.

I annually let it be known that Halloween is one of my least-favorite holidays and honestly I don’t even think of it as a holiday.  I actually don’t dislike what it should be but rather what it is too many adults: a poor excuse to turn back the clock and act like a kid.

You see,  when I was a child I loved Halloween because it was OUR day and time.

We dressed up, we trick-or-treated, and we ate the candy…which by the way was so much better in those days.  You always got the BIG candy bars and of course at that time things like candy apples. Man it was great.

I’m sure a few of you remember when you used to get those little individual bags with all kinds of treats.  That was during more innocent times when you actually ate loose candy and didn’t worry about someone doing something bad to it.

Anyway, back to my point.  Halloween was truly a day for kids but it seems to me more and more adults want to take over.  They feel the need to dress up and parade themselves around, sometimes even stealing the spotlight from their children.  I’ll admit some can pull it off. Others, well it’s not a pretty sight.

By the way we are doing a special event in the office today so everyone has been encouraged to dress up for Halloween. There are even cash prizes for the best costumes.  I did not want to be portrayed as negative so I did dress up as a grumpy old man.




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