While New Jersey's Jon Stewart was taking on the comedy and political world on The Daily Show, his wife Tracey was writing best-selling books and fighting for animal rights.

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Together, the two built a farm at 228 Route 537 East in Colts Neck and they grow crops as well as care for rescued farm animals, including cows, sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens, according to New Jersey Advanced Media.

The property sold for $4 million sits on 45 acres. Originally from the late 1770s, the home boasts five bedrooms and six baths. The rest of the land features two separate cottages, a pond and equine facility with an arena, six barns, 16 stalls, five pastures, and crop and farm stand area.

View the slideshow to see the inside of their new home and a tour of the grounds.

Walk Through Jon Stewart & Wife's Colts Neck Animal Sanctuary

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