It was always right around this time my parents would ask each other, "What idiotic things will Jimmy be doing at school this year?"

I was never a "bad" kid, I went to school every day, and I like to think most of my teachers enjoyed having me in class, but I was notorious for hitting someone in the head with a thrown crayon, or typing "" in the search engine of the classroom computers. I didn't go to school to learn, I went to school to laugh and have conversations with friends. This is why I did many childish-asinine things that frequently made the principal "call home".

I should clarify, most of these things happened in elementary school. I like to think I somewhat matured in intermediate and high school... but not really. I had a 1.4 GPA heading into my senior year, if it wasn't for my English teacher Mr. Johnson saying, "You would be good doing radio and TV", I would probably be sleeping in a dumpster somewhere... Thank you, Mr. Johnson!

I can't get off track, this article is about me getting suspended in 5th grade. The year was 2005 and I was a student at Central School in Wall Township.

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One random day, after running around like a crazy person on the playground for recess, I was called into the principal's office. At that point, my life was never going to be the same. Seconds into being interrogated by the principal, I got suspended from Central School. I was suspended for "Saying dirty words and using inappropriate hand gestures."  The suspension was 24 hours but my 5th-grade self thought the world was ending. I started packing my bags when I got home, I thought I was going to be sent away.

You might ask, what dirty words was I saying, and what inappropriate hand gestures was I performing? To be honest, I don't remember, I actually don't think I said or did anything wrong. I think it was a total set up by the entire Central School administration. It was all hearsay! Literally, this principal was getting his facts from my 5th-grade peers?! 

Don't get me wrong, there were a few things I deserved to get in trouble for but inappropriate hand gestures?!? I WAS IN 5TH GRADE!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME?!

For some reason, whether it was true or not, I felt like the Central School principal was always out to get me. It was probably 5th-grade paranoia. That being said, this principle was a total tool that was eventually found bullying other teachers and aides. He was unceremoniously relieved of his duties a few years ago.

I hope you and your family have a safe and successful school year! Wishing all the teachers, students, and parents a great year.

P.S. - I still don't know what that hand gesture was the principal flashed at me... unbelievable!

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