We're number one, we're number one!

New Jersey is officially the best state to live in - says a survey from WalletHub that was shared by NBC News! WalletHub based its findings on affordability, economy, education and health, quality of life, and safety. Each category was ranked 1-50, and we got a top score for safety (you can imagine we didn't do as well in the affordability area. The most affordable state is Alabama, by the way.)

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Check out the rankings in this nifty map below:

Source: WalletHub

We beat out our neighbors to the north, New York, by 2 spots, and Massachusetts came in second. I bet you're wondering what the worst state to live in is? That would be New Mexico, with low scores in safety, economy, and education and health.

These categories are great and all, but there are so many other things that make New Jersey the best state to live in. We've got the best food in the country (no other state can do pizza, pasta, and bagels like us). There are gorgeous beaches, we have plenty of entertainment like Six Flags Great Adventure, the casinos at Atlantic City, music venues like the PNC Bank Arts Center and the Stone Pony! And let's not forget Wawa.

I think this deserves a celebration! Cheers to living in the best state in America. Now, let's start planning how we're going to rank number 1 again for next year.

H/T: Adam McCann, WalletHub via NBC New York

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