The people of the Jersey Shore are proving every day that we are among the most resilient people around.

If you need proof of how much heart and soul is inside the people of the Jersey Shore, all you have to do is look at what so many of our neighbors are doing each and every day. We truly are Jersey Strong.

We live among the bravest, strongest people in the world who go out there on the front lines each day and protect us and make getting through this possible. You know exactly who you are.

You are the supermarket and grocery store workers, you are the doctors, nurses and medical professionals, postal workers and pharmacist and pharmacy employees. You are the sanitation workers..

You are the food delivery people. You are the police, firefighters and EMT people. You are the volunteers lending a hand. You are the restaurant workers who are preparing meals for those in need.

You are the public works employees, you are church and religious leaders doing what you can. You are the parents trying to keep smiles on the little ones' faces. You are the teachers and school employees who are doing hero's work.

There are so many others.To all those essential personnel and beyond who are there for all of us, my heart wills with love and awe as I tell you that you are true heroes in my eyes. Thank you for helping us all through this. No one will ever forget what you have done for us.

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