We don't mess around here at the Jersey Shore, and our superstar celebrities don't either. We can think of three separate occasions when celebrities from Monmouth or Ocean County were breathing the same air as some of our favorite superheroes. Can you think of all of them?

We thought of three right away...here they are...

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Kirstin Dunst (Point Pleasant, Brick) was Spider-man's love interest in several Spider-man movies she starred in (my favorite is Spider-man 2). And as Mary Jane she made Spidey's heart skip a beat.

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Danny DeVito (Neptune). He was amazing as the Batman nemesis The Penguin in 1992's Batman Returns. I don't care what costume he's wearing or how diabolical his character is, it's hard to think of Danny DeVito as a villian.

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Jack Nicholson, (Neptune). What a great casting this was. Jack Nicholson played his brand of The Joker to perfection in 1989's Batman. Is there really anything Jack doesn't play to perfection?

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Anne Hathaway (raised in Short Hills) played Catwoman in 2021's Dark Knight Rises, and was absolutely amazing in the part.

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Christopher Reeve (Princeton) He was the ultimate Superman, and he wasn't shoulder to shoulder with the superhero, he was the superhero, and possibly among the most memorable ever.

I bet I've forgotten some, so if I have please let me know, and I'll add it to the list. But isn't it pretty amazing how much the big superhero movies seem to attract the New Jersey stars? It's awesome.

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