The successful John Theurer Cancer Center at Hackensack University Medical Center is now going to expand its care and services at Jersey Shore University Medical Center's HOPE Tower providing closer access and top-notch care for anyone battling cancer in Ocean and Monmouth Counties and beyond.

The Hackensack Meridian John Theurer Cancer Center is also part of the NCI-designated Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.

This will be a game-changer in cancer care at the Jersey Shore with Hackensack Meridian Health adding a new chapter of the JTCC at JSUMC where doctors, surgeons, and all medical staff involved will be able to help with all kinds of cancers including blood cancers such as multiple myeloma, lymphoma, and leukemia.

HMH said they also have one of the largest nationwide Bone Marrow Transplant programs and this John Theurer Cancer Center now at HOPE Tower will help provide services for leukemia and adult blood and marrow stem cell transplantation, among other services.

The JTCC at JSUMC will also offer CAR-T cell therapy in lymphoma, leukemia, and myeloma, comprehensive medical and surgical oncology/hematology consultative services by national experts for all types and stages of cancer and serious blood disorders, full infusion services, genomics analysis, and access to cutting-edge clinical trials, according to HMH.

"The HOPE Tower went online in 2017 and the goal was to provide services with a focus on patient and family experience," Dr. Ken Sable, Regional President of Hackensack Meridian Health's Southern New Jersey Market, tells Townsquare Media News. "We have leading experts in more than 20 adult and pediatric specialties -- pioneering, life saving medical breakthroughs utilizing leading edge technology -- all with offices in HOPE Tower."

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Now, HOPE Tower will become even more expansive and resourceful by having the JTCC added into the care offered here.

"We already have a comprehensive cancer center in HOPE Tower on our first and second floors that include radiation and infusion therapy, a cardio-oncology program, advanced testing, counseling, and supportive care," Dr. Sable said. "Most recently, we've partnered with Hackensack University Medical Center's organ transplantation division to create a destination program at Jersey Shore (University Medical Center) at HOPE Tower where patients can have all of their pre-op work done and all of their post-op transplant work done locally close to home, but they get the actual transplant procedure done at Hackensack in a fully coordinated model."

You'll be able to get more care, more treatments and recovery done closer to home so you won't have to travel nearly as far for what you need during a cancer battle and have the assurance in knowing it's the best care out there.

"The John Theurer Cancer Center is ranked as the best cancer center in New Jersey by U.S. News and World Report and JTCC is best known for having recognized blood cancers programs including multiple myeloma, lymphoma and leukemia as well as having one of the largest bone marrow transplant programs in the country," Dr. Sable said. "The new location in HOPE Tower is going to give patients in southern and central New Jersey as well as even the surrounding states (Pennsylvania and Delaware) access to expertise clinical trials as well as research close to home."

(Photo Courtesy: Eric Muench/Hackensack Meridian Health)
(Photo Courtesy: Eric Muench/Hackensack Meridian Health)

You'll be able to have easier and closer access to cancer care, treatment, trials, and research.

"We already provide sort of the full spectrum of cancer services for general cancer care and specialized areas as well but we are partnering with the best cancer center, rated, in New Jersey to bring new programs particularly and specifically, Phase-1 clinical research, the Leukemia program which is a blood cancer program as well as bone marrow transplants which, have not to date been offered at Jersey Shore University Medical Center," Dr. Sable said. "I think one of the most exciting parts is that we'll be one of the few sites offering CAR T-Cell therapy for Lymphoma, Leukemia, and Myeloma patients."

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One of the other hopes of adding this new cancer care center from JTCC to JSUMC is that more people living and working in Ocean County and Monmouth County and even within the area, will feel more comfortable seeking treatment and care for cancer close to home and feel better about not having to travel as far to have the best in cancer care possible.

"I think that one of the things that people look for, especially when they get diagnosed with cancer or quite frankly any diagnoses, is confidence and comfort in your care delivery team," Dr. Sable said. "You want to know that when you go to your doctor or your hospital that you're going to be treated at, that they are up to date on the latest standards, on the state of the art technology to treat you and that will give you the best chances of survival and partnering within our own network --  such an amazing cancer center and all the wonderful programs that have been built over 20-plus years at Hackensack University Medical Center and the John Theurer Cancer Center -- being able to bring that to our patients -- I think will give them enormous comfort and confidence that they can achieve and receive the best care, state of the art technology right here in their backyard."

Jersey Shore University Medical Center
(Photo Courtesy: Eric Muench/Hackensack Meridian Health)

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