The ferocious storm on Tuesday afternoon and early evening led to some major flooding issues, downed power lines and the closure of the Ocean County Mall among other issues.

An electrical fire sent Toms River Police and fire crews over to the Ocean County Mall Tuesday afternoon for "smoke conditional in the electric room", as confirmed by Chief Mitch Little to WOBM News.

Water from the storm Tuesday got into the electrical panels which caused an electrical fire, Kevin Esposito with the Toms River Office of Fire Prevention, tells WOBM News.

Further information on the fire at the Ocean County Mall has not yet been released.

The mall promptly shutdown as a result of the electrical fire however and mall officials were very vague in a social media post that set off rumors about what happened.

The Ocean County Mall was not the only place Toms River Police were during the storm.

In figures Toms River Police Chief Mitch Little provided to WOBM News, there were 152-calls for service just between 4:00 pm and 6:45 pm.

There were calls for 74 disabled motor vehicles, 4-Burglar Alarms, 15-fire calls, including 4 structure fire investigations, 9-pole/wire calls, 2-welfare checks, 9-road hazards, 18-flooding calls to start as dispatch was told to stop taking those since the water would rescind, 6-motor vehicle accidents, 3-first aid calls, 7-trees down, 4-traffic light malfunctions, 3-road closures, 36-tow trucks dispatched and 5-police cars that were flooded.

“I would like to commend our dispatchers for their continued hard work and perseverance while being inundated and fielding all of the emergency calls, and our officers for their prompt and professional response under these extreme conditions.  Thank you to the public for their patience and understanding," Little said.

Silverton Fire Company handled a significant amount of the calls in their area as well.

Over in Brick Township, a power outage was reported early in the afternoon along Route 70 which turned off traffic lights in the area causing traffic to back up near Beacon 70 and past the Home Depot and shutting down  the jug-handle that usually sends drivers past the other entrance to Home Depot and towards Route 88.

Brick Police were on hand directing traffic at the time.

When the sun cast behind the clouds and the storm came rolling in, it wasn't a beach day or outdoor activity day.

Here are some pictures from Tuesday's major storm as shared by those first responders who were out there.


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