The temperatures this past weekend had many at the Jersey Shore thinking summer. But how long will it be before the complaining begins?

You know how it goes at the Jersey Shore. We complain about winter weather until we get an 80 degree day in February and then we fear that we'll "pay for this in April". We get an 80 degree day in April and then we're afraid it's a sign that we'll have a brutally hot summer.

We always find something to be worried about and we're never quite happy with the weather, and in an area where the weather can vary wildly and be pretty unpredictable, that's quite a combination.

So we set out today to have some idea just how much heat the Jersey Shore will tolerate before it's officially "too hot". So we're asking you to help us by honestly answering that question in our latest Jersey Shore poll.

Obviously, we know that it's not just the temperature around here, it's also the humidity. So, for the purpose of this poll, let's assume the normal, annoying bad hair day producing humidity the Jersey Shore is famous for.

Please tell us which temperature range is the one that puts you over the top. Which temperature range makes it officially "too hot" at the Jersey Shore.

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