I want to show the entire Jersey Shore something...actually no.

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I want to show the entire state of New Jersey something....actually no.

I want to show the entire Northeast corridor something because the Jersey Shore will soon be mobbed by thousands of visitors who need to hear what I have to say.

I took this photo during my final walk with my dog, Carolina.



FYI, I took this photo TODAY, on March 25th, before the Benny's have even arrived.

So now, there is something very important I have to say before the Summer months hit.

It is never just one wrapper. It is never just one take out container. It is never just one piece of plastic or garbage.

Photo: Unsplash.com
Photo: Unsplash.com

IT ADDS UP and that is how you get disgusting sights like the photo taken above.

According to NewJersey-Demographics.com, there is a whopping 1,218,074 people who live in Monmouth County and Ocean County combined.

Unsplash, Brian Yurasits
Unsplash, Brian Yurasits

Here is the population of each individual county:

Monmouth County - 621,659

Ocean County - 596,415

Let's think about this.


If every single person at the Jersey Shore littered only one piece of trash in their lifetime, that is 1,218,074 pieces of garbage killing our marine life, dirtying our beaches and ultimately destroying the one Earth we have.

Imagine how long it would take to pick up one MILLION pieces of trash. Do you want that job?

Just think how much worse this problem gets during the Summer.

Comstock Images

It looks like the Summer of 2022 might be the closest thing to normal we've seen since 2019.

So let's take a look at the numbers, pre-COVID, because numbers don't lie.

According to InsiderNJ.com, New Jersey had a total of 116 million visitors during the Summer of 2019.

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Getty Images

Imagine what 116,000,000 pieces of plastic, rotten food and wrappers will look like.

Disgusting...that's what....

Do you really want to go to a beach where there is garbage everywhere?

Do you really want to anchor your boat at a marina with floating plastic?

Do you really want to flirt it up at a beach bar that smells like trash?

(photo: BananaStock, Thinkstock)

Throw out your garbage, clean up after yourself and whenever you are hanging out somewhere, make sure you leave it just as clean, if not cleaner ,as you found it.

A game I have played is that EVERYTIME I go to the beach, my goal is to pick up three pieces of trash that aren't mine.

Disposable plastic bags
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Use a towel or a glove and you'll be fine. But the slack has to be picked up somewhere...

If you see a piece of trash, PICK IT UP. I promise, it won't kill you.

Now yes, you need to make sure you set aside some beach time this upcoming Summer.

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