On this first day of August I throw out thoughts on a variety of things:

  • If I had a teen-age daughter I would be strongly opposed to her wearing a wedge bikini which have become very popular on the beach this summer. I didn’t say I would not allow her to wear one. I would leave that to her mother.
  • I refuse to get excited over the Mets six-game winning streak. However check with me if it gets to 10 in-a-row.
  • Jennifer Garner is really beautiful.
  • I said this last year and I’ll stick with it. I do believe the peak years of the NFL are over and the future remains a bit uncertain for what remains the #1 sport in America.
  • At this time next year we’ll be watching the Summer Olympics in Tokyo and I’m looking forward to that.
  • At this time last year I predicted that Tiger Woods would win a golf tournament within the next year. I did not know it would be The Masters and yes I think he’ll win another tournament sometime in the next 12 months.
  • I’m not a music guy but if I was driving cross country and could only listen to three groups it would be The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.
  • It’s really not fair that the 13 weeks of summer go ten times faster than the 13 weeks of winter.
  • Did I mention that Jennifer Garner is really beautiful?
  • I fell asleep the last two nights and missed most of the Democratic presidential debates. Based on what I’ve heard and read I did not miss anything.
  • There will never be anyone quite like Warren Wolf who put Brick Township on the map and might be the greatest high school coach of any sport at any time in Shore Conference history. Coach Wolf turns 92 today and we’ve been truly lucky to have him for all these years.
  • The world would be a much better place if President Trump cancelled his twitter account.
  • I wish today was June 1st.



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