We now have a better understanding of Jeff Chiesa's plans for the state takeover of Atlantic City.

In another exclusive interview with WPG Talk Radio 104.1's Harry Hurley Thursday morning, Jeff Chiesa, who was recently put in charge of the state's takeover of Atlantic City by Gov. Chris Christie, shared his plans and visions for what Atlantic City would and could look like under his guidance.

Chiesa says he has already met with city leaders, including Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian and his staff, along with members of the gaming enforcement and community affairs to gather initial information. Chiesa went on to say he has a "sincere interest" in solving the city's financial problems.

In addressing what has a been a point of contention in the city lately, Chiesa, when asked what roll Atlantic City's elected officials will serve once he is fully in place, said he expects the Mayor and city council will continue to be in charge of the day-to-day functions of the city.

Hear Jeff Chiesa's full interview with Harry Hurley on WPG here:

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