Phil Murphy for president?

How about another White House run for Chris Christie?

New Jersey voters say don't bother.

A new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University shows little to no encouragement from New Jersey Democrats and Republicans for the current or former governors to seek the highest office in the land.

Just 30% of Democrats in the state say that they think Murphy should run for President in 2024. 50% percent say that he should not run.

Murphy has said he supports President Joe Biden, but if Biden decides not to seek another term, he has left the door open to launching his own bid. Murphy cannot run for another term as New Jersey governor.

FDU pollster Dan Cassino says, "Murphy is counting on the idea that gubernatorial experience translates into Presidential prospects, but even Democrats who think he’s done a good job in the state house don't want him running for President."

Murphy has given no time table for a decision on running for president, and says it would all depend on Biden's decision to run or not.

"If he wants any kind of constituency in 2024, he's going to have to hope for a widespread outbreak of political amnesia." - FDU Pollster Dan Cassino on a possible Chris Christie presidential run

The news isn't any better for Chris Christie. In fact, it is worse.

A full 80% of New Jersey Republicans say he should not run. Only 12% think he should.

Among the GOP, Christie has not done himself any favors criticizing Donald Trump and saying the party should move on from the former president.

Going back and forth between cozying up to Trump and attacking him means that Christie has managed to alienate just about everyone in the Republican Party,” said Cassino. "If he wants any kind of constituency in 2024, he's going to have to hope for a widespread outbreak of political amnesia."

Christie has said if he "sees a path to victory," he will run again in 2024 and his decision will not be based on whether Trump runs or not. The former governor says he will likely make a decision early next year.

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